‘Yearbook’ with Cody Townsend & Jonathan Ellsworth (Ep.6)

On the Blister Cinematic Podcast, Cody and Jonathan dissect MSP's iconic 2004 film, Yearbook, and discuss its most memorable segments, its impact on the sport, who won the movie, and more.

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Cody and I dissect MSP’s iconic 2004 film, Yearbook, and discuss its most memorable segments, its impact on the sport, who won the movie, and more.

Watch Yearbook
Get Yourself Covered: BLISTER+
Join Us! Blister Summit & Blister Awards Show
The Significance of Yearbook (2:59)
Star Power (8:26)
Most Rewatchable Scenes (9:35)
Ingrid Backstrom (14:55)
What’s Aged the Best? (23:45)
What’s Aged the Worst? (33:03)
Best Quote (43:27)
Who Needed BLISTER+ the Most? (45:45)
Best Cameo (51:03)
‘Gimme More’ Award (52:10)
‘Trying Too Hard’ Award (56:04)
Attention-Span Award (57:15)
Recasting Couch (59:07)
Could / Should it Be Remade Today? (1:00:04)
Who Won the Movie (1:08:05)
Our Final Grades (1:10:28)

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6 comments on “‘Yearbook’ with Cody Townsend & Jonathan Ellsworth (Ep.6)”

  1. Wrt your observations about preferring to watch female big-mountain skiers I feel the same about ski racing. If I want to demonstrate a point of racing technique to somebody I almost always pick a videos of an elite woman. To Cody’s point, their technique tends to be cleaner and “purer” in my experience, with less reliance on brute force. I also learn a lot more by watching womens’ racing.

    • BTW my facetious (but also halfway-serious) theory is that women have better technique because they actually listen to their coaches and each other.

      • I agree with this take, Patrick. The same is true of rock climbing/bouldering — men usually try and muscle their way up, while women are more likely to try and employ good technique, be balanced, and be efficient.

  2. As a 55 year old guy who got back into skiing last year after what would be consider a 30ish year break, and I came back with the urgency of my Mid Life Crisis. I watched almost the whole Matchstick catalog this Spring to Fall first as You Tube snips and then as Entire Movies.
    * Yearbook was so fun and the 15 to 20ish something boy / young man in me enjoyed a lot of the humor that is, well not ok in 2023 for many of the reasons you and Cody outlined.
    * Intro: Just yes! And we all wished we could have taken that young lady to the PROM.
    * The Sock and The Cheerleader segments will make me laugh out loud spontaneously just thinking about them.
    * I watched the Shane segments on You Tube as Shorts before I knew who Shane was and how he ultimately died. Then I saw them in the movie as a whole. His segment while having nothing to do with Skiing and certainly Skiing that normal people can do was and is just Jaw Dropping. Even re-watching this week before the show just jaw dropping. Kinda like watching Fast and the Furious 8, then going out to drive in your parents 1987 Oldsmobile.
    * Lots of 15 year old boy insecurities to laugh at in this movie which just made it so awesome.

    My question out of all of this is When / Why / How did skiing moguls stop being cool? or is Matchstick and TGR just not doing that type of content?

    • Great thoughts, Peter – thanks for sharing.

      And equally great question about mogul skiing. I don’t know if it’s cool or not … but I know that in my ski life in Taos and Crested Butte, we’re skiing at least some moguls every single day. And we will definitely be featuring some mogul-centric films on Blister Cinematic. Stay tuned!

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