Art & the Outdoors (Ep.267)

Why do we need centers of art in mountain towns and places of great natural beauty? It’s a question that any of us who live in or visit mountain towns ought to consider — and perhaps especially if you are someone who hasn’t typically sought out the art programming and events in the mountain towns you frequent. Last week, I was in Sun Valley, Idaho, to discuss this topic with Courtney Gilbert, the curator of the Sun Valley Museum of Art. We also discuss the history of the arts in Sun Valley; the current work of the SV Museum of Art; and the Sun Valley Wine Auction, which is a remarkable event put on by the Sun Valley Museum of Art to raise scholarship funds and to support a very broad range of arts in and around Sun Valley — and beyond.

Why do we need centers of art in places of great natural beauty? (2:32)
Courtney’s (and Jonathan’s) background (13:52)
History of Art in Sun Valley (22:57)
Ernest Hemingway & Ezra Pound (28:27)
Sun Valley Wine Auction (36:58)
Jonathan’s river rafting trip in Stanley, ID (40:26)
What does the Wine Auction fund? (48:12)
What’s next for the SV Museum of Art? (51:44)

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