Blister Speaker Series: Courtney Dauwalter (Ep.290)

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Last week, we had one of the most accomplished athletes of all time come to Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado, for our Blister Speaker Series. But in addition to Courtney Dewaulter’s mind-blowing exploits and her legendary physical toughness on the trail, it is Courtney’s curiosity and enthusiasm that make her truly unique, and a joy to be around.

So it was quite an opportunity to get to get her thoughts on life and the limits we tend to place on ourselves; her approach to training and competition; how she goes about setting goals; and more.

Ultimately, while we’ve watched Courtney’s staggering achievements as she crosses finish line after finish line, setting new course records and accomplishing the seemingly impossible along the way, this conversation makes it clear that her achievements are very much mental victories, and there are takeaways in this conversation that each of us would do well to absorb and implement into our own lives.

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Courtney the Mountain Biker?? (4:33)
Life Since the Triple?? (7:07)
Approach to the Western States & Hardrock Combo (9:35)
What Was Harder, the Physical or Mental Aspect of Hardrock? (18:25)
UTMB (23:26)
Pulling off the Triple (28:44)
Training (31:38)
Current State of Trail & Ultra Running (42:19)
What do You Do When You’re Not Running? (42:56)
Running Zegama (45:59)
Transitioning from Nordic Skiing to Trail Running (47:59)
Which was harder, UTMB or Hardrock? (49:28)
Winter Training (50:04)
Do you ever focus on time or standings while racing? (50:47)
Pushing your Ideas of Limits (52:04)
Being Self-Coached & Planning for Efforts (53:38)
Dealing with Failures & Setbacks (56:51)
Most Fun Race? (58:23)
What else do you want to accomplish? (59:49)
Advice for New Runners? (1:00:24)
Would You Try Triathlons or Bike Races? (1:01:48)
Importance of a Support Crew (1:03:19)
Close Calls? (1:05:44)

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