Deep Dives with Angel, November 2023 (Ep.286)

Angel Collinson, who shares some of her thoughts on purpose, mindfulness, and leaning into 100% of life, not just the peak experiences.
Angel Collinson on Sea Bear (photo by Pete Willauer)

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Today, Angel Collinson and I are talking about an experience that every single one of us will deal with at some point in our lives: grief.

It’s a topic that we don’t talk much about in outdoor media circles — how to process it, how best to help others who are grieving, etc. And yet, for reasons that are rather painfully obvious to the outdoor community, we clearly need to.

This might be one of the most important conversations we’ve ever published across our Blister podcast network, because even if you aren’t currently processing grief or haven’t in the past, all of us will. And all of us will know people who are grieving, and if we can be better at supporting those people, it’s probably one of the most important things we can do for our friends, family, and neighbors.

Why We’re Talking about Grief (4:46)
Defining Grief (7:34)
Why Now? (11:55)
Healthy Grieving (21:36)
Grief Practice / Ritual? (24:07)
How Do You Turn ‘Grief’ into ‘Growth’ (29:53)
Feeling Everything vs. Letting Go (34:18)
Grieving a Loved One (45:43)
How To Be There for Someone Experiencing Grief? (49:46)
How Do You Deal with Being Alone in Your Grief? (54:41)
How to Explain Your Feelings to Those Who Haven’t Experienced Grief? (57:06)
How to Navigate an Identity Crisis Triggered by Grief (59:49)
How Can We Support Someone Who is Grieving? (1:06:00)

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Deep Dives with Angel, November 2023 (Ep.286), BLISTER
Deep Dives with Angel, November 2023 (Ep.286), BLISTER
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Deep Dives with Angel, November 2023 (Ep.286), BLISTER
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1 comment on “Deep Dives with Angel, November 2023 (Ep.286)”

  1. Such an important topic. Hi Angel – skiied with you and Tucker early ups at Alta years ago (still one of the greatest ski days ever for me!!). Just lost my brother a month ago.

    He and I were skiing together in February of this year. Happy and enjoying life together. Being thankful.

    Two weeks later he gets pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Grief is so complex. And it can start before they are even gone even though they are literally sitting right next to you talking to you but you both know what is coming.

    Nobody gets enough help. No way to really know what it will be like. Keep doing the great stuff you do.

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