Mike Hattrup: A Life in Skiing (Ep.311)

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Today we’ve got Mike Hattrup on the podcast, and for most of you, that’s all the introduction you need. Because Mike has played such an integral part in modern skiing – from his days as a competitive freestyle skiing, to being featured in some of the most iconic ski films ever made (e.g., The Blizzard of AAHHH’s), to his decades working in gear testing and development, and more.

So it was about time that we recorded a proper conversation with this member of the Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame, and to learn more about Mike’s latest role in the ski industry with Eleven Experience.

Get Yourself Covered: BLISTER+
Eleven Experience

Sun Valley, Idaho (3:25)
Mogul Skiing (7:41)
Filming with Greg Stump (13:31)
From Moguls to the Aiguille du Midi (16:45)
Backcountry Safety Back Then (18:30)
Mountain Guiding (21:21)
Gear Nerdery (24:19)
Mcconkey & the Pontoon (36:55)
Mike’s New Role w/ Eleven Experience (42:57)
Remaining Bucket List Ski Destinations? (53:38)
More on being the “Director Of Skiing” (55:22)

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Mike Hattrup: A Life in Skiing (Ep.311), BLISTER
Mike Hattrup: A Life in Skiing (Ep.311), BLISTER
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Mike Hattrup: A Life in Skiing (Ep.311), BLISTER
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