Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, March 2024 (Ep.303)

Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, March 2024 (Ep.303), BLISTER
Thumbnail from the Bloody Couloir episode of The Fifty Project (photo by Bjarne Salén)

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Cody and I are back to talk about the end of The Fifty; the implications of the Crankworx riders’ strike for other action sports events; JHMR’s parking lot controversy; the all-drugs-are-legal Olympic Games; the remake of the movie, Road House; & more.

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Catching Up, Cody’s Next 3 Months (0:00)
The End of The Fifty? (7:35)
Crankworx Canceled / Riders’ Strike (16:22)
JHMR “Parking Hack” (41:26)
The Enhanced Games (55:51)
Ullr Sighting (1:10:18)
What We’re Reading & Watching (1:23:33)

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Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, March 2024 (Ep.303), BLISTER
Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, March 2024 (Ep.303), BLISTER
Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, March 2024 (Ep.303), BLISTER
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Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, March 2024 (Ep.303), BLISTER
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5 comments on “Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, March 2024 (Ep.303)”

  1. Jonathan, I think you should be skiing Broken Arrow, Siberia to Mountain Run, the West Face of KT22, Lunch at Gold Coast and Podcasting with Cody on April 12th for Blister Cinematic. I hear that there will be some really cool people at Palisades that day.

    • Well this all sounds great, but I don’t think I can make that happen on the 12th.

      (Maybe sometime in May??)

  2. The parking kerfuffle at JHMR has pretty much blown over. Ryan Stolp the author of the comic “Lift Lines” is very well liked in the community, is always willing to help out with the various charities in town and is well known as a good guy (yes he’s a friend but he has lots of friends)! If you read the comic it lists the increasing security around your powder stash, a hack for a free lift ticket or early ups and finally a parking hack. No other details were given. The Village Association (Teton Village Association, not JHMR, manages parking at the village). If you read the longer article published in the paper it mentions the TVA knew about the hack for weeks and were working to fix it. The director of TVA said the comic spurred them to act but others have said it was getting fixed no matter what. For one thing the folks who purchased a season parking pass ($2,000+ and hard to get as they sell out within hours) were complaining since the parking lots were filling up mid morning and yet the mountain was far from full. Just speculation but maybe having a bunch of pissed off purchasers of parking passes was more of an emphasis to fix the hack than a comic (and no I don’t have one). JHMR does provide free parking at the Stilson Lot (and for Cody it’s in Wilson but it’s named Stilson), it rarely if ever fills up and the buses run very regularly. Also if you car pool (4 or more people) you can park for free at the Ranch Lot (in the village) and parking everywhere is free after 1:00PM. Sorry for the lengthy comment, probably more than you ever wanted to know about parking at JHMR.

    • Thanks, Mark! All great info, but you’re wrong about one thing: this is *exactly* as much as we wanted to know about JHMR parking.

      (Thanks again.)

  3. Sort of a sidetrack from the CrankWorx discussion…. Your references to this year’s FWT Verbier Extreme really struck home for me, illuminating the high stakes of these comps for the riders. I’ve watched that comp all the way through twice now, and I still can’t get my jaw off the floor.

    Perhaps because this was the first time the full venue has been run since 2018, the competitors willingly took some serious risks (as you noted) to put on an amazing show. Goguen’s huge double towards the bottom was obviously the highlight, but Finn throwing a 360 off the Hollywood Cliff and several others were right up there. The FWT judging also seems to have pivoted back a bit towards favoring line and risk as opposed to the biggest tricks (as evidenced by the ~10-point “looker’s left penalty” in the scoring), and I personally think that’s A Good Thing ™, but it does add to the incentives for high rider risk, and IMO that needs to be allowed for in their compensation via sponsors etc as Cody suggested.

    On the plus side I think that the FWT’s willingness to impose weather holds at the riders’ discretion for flat light was a very positive thing.

    Andrew Pollard was a perfect “color commentator” for that event IMO, as was Gerritzen on the womens’ side.

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