Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, November 2023 (Ep.289)

Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, November 2023 (Ep.289), BLISTER
Cody Townsend at Baffin Island

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Today Cody and I discuss the 1.1 *trillion* dollar outdoor industry; e-bike bans?; the business of retro sneakers / retro skis; Cody snowboarding; the Most Canadian News; mtn town relationship advice; the greatest burn in the history of Reviewing the News; & more.

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Update on the Blister “100” (4:32)
Blevins’ Corner: Outdoor Economy, $1.1 Trillion (11:40)
Backcountry(.com)’s Wholesale Apparel Line (18:23)
New E-Bike “Ban”? (31:06)
Retro Sneakers, Retro Skis? (44:06)
Most Canadian News (51:42)
Mountain Town Advice (57:05)
What We’re Reading & Watching (1:10:40)
Cody Snowboarding & JE Gets Burned (1:14:51)

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Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, November 2023 (Ep.289), BLISTER
Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, November 2023 (Ep.289), BLISTER
Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, November 2023 (Ep.289), BLISTER
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Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, November 2023 (Ep.289), BLISTER
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12 comments on “Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend, November 2023 (Ep.289)”

  1. I bike alot with my 8 year old on gravel bike paths, probably did about 200 miles with her this year. There is a very high % of e-bikes that are out of control. The issue I see is that the cyclists who think they are doing the Tour de France who are going 20+ are excellent cyclists, we rarely have an issue with them because they give us space, and while they are going fast, are under control and most understand general etiquette. We get passed e-bikers going 15 + miles per hour who are probably unsafe at any speed, they probably can’t ride a real bike 8 miles per hour, or hadn’t ridden a bike in decades, but for some reason feel comfortable riding 20 down a crowded trail…. They weave their way through people, never hit their breaks and are generally out of control on a crowded path…. Plus they are heavy and can’t stop that fast if there was an emergency.

    The trails we ride are not commuter trails, it’s people who are out basically taking a motorcycle ride on a crowded recreational bike path.

    I don’t know the solution, especially for the minority of the e-bike riders who essentially need them for adaptive purposes to be able to ride and/or ride them responsibly, but I am not super comfortable letting my kid ride on the same trail with what seems like most of the e-bikes that are on our trails.

    • I’ve also been finding a lot of “e-bikes” that have a throttle ride on bike paths.

      The form factor may be the same but they are extremely lightweight motorcycles if they have a throttle.

      • Yeah, came here to say the same. Bike paths are for true bikes which need to be pedaled-to-go. If it has a throttle and the pedals are just there for decoration/foot rests then it’s a motorcycle!
        Ran into a bunch of hooligans riding these at Snow Canyon State Park on Thanksgiving weekend. Traveling WAY too fast (and not pedaling) while passing people uphill. Yet, I even overheard one complaining he was “tired” and wanted to “head back”, lol.
        My wife sent me a meme the next day that had a picture of a guy standing on an escalator with the title “E-biker begins off-season training by riding escalator.”

  2. Re: niche skis and Cody’s love for the spatula

    A local (to me) company — Skevik Skis — still makes a reverse-sidecut, reverse-camber ski called the Oda.

    I haven’t gotten to try them myself, but if people are looking for unique shapes, they’re still out there in their little niches.
    I desperately want to try them myself but at 190cm I worry their 185cm length might not have the same feel as they are designed for

  3. Dear Jonathan, I am the writer of that very accurate show review that you highlighted today. I would love the opportunity to explain my take to you and to take Cody up on his offer to buy me a drink as the honorable 101st listener. Please let me know how best to reach you to organize either of these life altering events.

  4. Petition to Cody:

    As a matter of course for annoying Jonathan, I propose that instead of imposing us Californians’ God-given right to assume that only our timezone matters, we humour the peons by referring to time in increasingly annoying-to-use time references. Say, for next month, propose a time in Indian Standard Time. And for the proceeding month, try UTC-3:00, etc. Perhaps then, he will be converted to the light that is the golden Californian frame of reference.

    /joking. Or am I?

    • Well if annoying me was the goal, this strategy would be extremely effective. (Please stop giving him ideas. I really should have figured out the ‘UTC-3:00’ system by now….)

  5. E-bikes are absolutely going to be a part of the future of transportation and anything that’s done to make their adoption less likely is a bad move. Also anything that’s done to e-bikes should immediately be done to cars as well. Automatic speed regulation based off GPS location? Sure, but do it to cars too. Outright bans? Sure, but do it to cars too. Maximum speed laws and governors built into the product? Sure, but do it to cars too.

    Also, quick shoutout that K2 has done some very cool throwback topsheets as well like the K2 Merlin 7 topsheet they put on the Mindbender 108s.

  6. Bring back the true chargers!

    I have a recent pair of 192 cm Pro Riders, two pairs of 189 cm Fischer 107Ti, and a pair of 191 cm Faction Dancer 4 (which is about as Charge-y as it seems to get these days), but I would kill for some of the skis Cody mentioned.

  7. To be fair, did have some pretty unique and innovative apparel under the Stoic brand a few years ago. For example a 2oz windshirt that packed down super small, and a down pullover with the highest weight to insulation ratio except for some of the super expensive 1000 fill stuff from Montbell. They also had some unique softshell pieces early on in the softshell movement. They had some other nice stuff like softshell shorts for biking before I saw them anywhere else. I wouldn’t be so pessimistic given their history with creating some unique pieces.

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