Tori Palmer, Helicopter Pilot (Ep.256)

This past Saturday, we had a phenomenal day in the mountains with Chugach Powder Guides, and our helicopter pilot, Tori Palmer. So I sat down with Tori to get her pilot’s perspective on the day, and to talk about her path to becoming a heli pilot and the training that’s involved; mentoring women who want to become pilots; what you should – and should not – do as a passenger in a heli; and more.


  • Piloting in the Chugach Range (4:53)
  • Chalking (6:53)
  • Piloting Helicopters vs Planes (9:08)
  • Light & Flight (11:56)
  • Tori’s Path to Becoming a Pilot (17:30)
  • Wrapping Up Ski Season & What’s Next (28:32)
  • Mentoring Women Who Want to be Pilots (30:52)
  • Best / Worst Passenger Behavior? (34:02)
  • Best / Worst Guide Behavior? (39:00)
  • Individual Flying Style (43:15)



3 comments on “Tori Palmer, Helicopter Pilot (Ep.256)”

  1. Jonathan, thank you very much for this interview! I’ve been heli skiing 4 times in my life, most recently a month ago with CPG. As a son of a fixed wing pilot I’ve been wanting to talk to these incredible pilots for years but just left them alone as instructed and haven’t gotten the chance after the ski day is over. This was really cool.

    Again, thanks.

    Wish I had been there when you were!

  2. Great interview. I’ve always wondered how people get into that line of work. And, I’m with you Jonathan–I’m glad that there are people in the world with nerves of steel.

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