Blister Speaker Series 3.1: Cody Townsend (Ep.146)

Last week Cody Townsend came to Western Colorado University for our Blister Speaker Series and spoke about why his education has been so beneficial to his career; social media and the new responsibilities of athletes today; starting & growing a business (Arcade Belts); The Fifty Project and all of the behind-the-scenes work; and more.


  • Why Cody studied linguistics (5:19)
  • Responsibilities of athletes today (11:28)
  • Social media — expectations (15:46)
  • Cody’s mentors (23:02)
  • Starting & running a business: Arcade Belts (25:11)
  • The Fifty Project (30:07)
  • The work that goes on behind the scenes (35:01)
  • Getting funding for projects
  • Lines that should be included in the Fifty? (44:04)
  • Climate motivation (46:43)
  • How can skiing become more inclusive? (51:02)


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  1. If Cody needs an idea for doing a linguistics masters, I’d be interested in how we break down and communicate information about risks and decision-making in the outdoor environment, and how we translate that information into warnings that non-experts can understand and adhere to.

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