Blister Summit Artist Panel: Art & the Outdoor Industry (Ep.186)

Today we are airing one of the panel sessions we held this past February at the Blister Summit, and this is a great conversation. We brought together four very accomplished artists and designers to discuss the intersection of art and the ski and snowboard worlds, as well as the broader outdoor industry. And as one of the panelists notes here, this is a lineup of heavy hitters in the art and design world.

We’ve got Yorgo Tloupas, who, among many other things, is the co-founder of Black Crows Skis. Next up is Geoff McFetridge, who has worked with brands like Patagonia and Nike and Apple. (Geoff is also my personal telemark coach, and he is still claiming that he is going to come out to Crested Butte when we film our telemark ski video.) The 3rd member of our panel is John Fellows. John lives right here in Crested Butte, he actually designed our Blister Summit logo, and you can find his artwork displayed all around the outdoor industry. Finally, we have the co-founder of Icelantic Skis, Travis Parr, who not only co-founded Icelantic Skis, he is responsible for Icelantic’s very distinctive artwork, and you’ll also get to hear him talk about some of the other projects he’s working on.


  • Intros: Yorgo Tloupas (4:03)
  • Geoff Mcfetridge (5:29)
  • John Fellows (7:01)
  • Travis Parr (8:00)
  • The current state of art in the ski world (11:13)
  • Skis as a canvas? (19:54)
  • Ski art vs snowboard art (21:31)
  • Icelantic Skis artwork (24:40)
  • Is artwork getting better in the ski world? (36:46)
  • If you were the Art Czar… (53:33)
  • Parting Thoughts, Further Questions (1:03:04)


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