Tea: Origins, Trends, & State of the Union (Ep.23)

I talk to JING Tea founder, Ed Eisler, about the origins, production, and culture of tea; “Duckshit” tea; what goes into making an exceptional cup of tea; the pros and cons of coffee vs tea; trends in the tea world, and more.


  • Starting JING (5:47)
  • Single Malt & Craft Tea (16:08)
  • Coffee vs Tea (20:25)
  • Caffeine & Flavor (33:10)
  • Milk in Tea? The Debate (39:30)
  • What Makes Great Tea Leaves? (43:47)
  • Trends & State Of The Union (47:51)
  • Brewing Tea (57:43)



5 comments on “Tea: Origins, Trends, & State of the Union (Ep.23)”

  1. Good convo. I used to scoff at tea until a medical condition changed my tastes and left me with stomach sensitivity. I can still do an occasional cup of coffee but it’s just not the same. For those out there that are thinking about, or forced to, make the switch, it takes time but it does happen. It took two years before I could get excited about a cup a tea. Now am seeking out good tea to taste rather than throwing a prepackaged bag from the store into a cup of hot water.

  2. Awesome conversation! I currently get my tea from adagio which has a large selection. However I would like to try jing tea. What is the best way of getting some? I may be overlooking it. Thanks again for all the great work!

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