Current State of Helmet Tech, pt. 2: Giro / Bell (Ep.150)

Current State of Helmet Tech, pt. 2: Giro / Bell (Ep.150), BLISTER
Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet (photo by Giro)

Next up in our series on bike and snowsport helmet tech and R&D, we talk with Rob Wesson about Giro’s approach to various helmet safety standards and certifications; the differences between a $65 helmet and a $260 helmet; the pros and cons of adding a chin bar to a full-face helmet, or a large visor to an enduro bike helmet; and more.


  • Giro / Bell background + Rob’s background (4:05)
  • Overview of the helmet market & sales (5:05)
  • How Giro handles the different safety certifications & standards (13:00)
  • Where have the biggest advancements in helmet tech been made? (19:28)
  • Where are consumer priorities these days? (24:04)
  • $65 MIPS vs $260 MIPS helmet (28:00)
  • Full-face helmets, Enduro helmets, etc.(32:04)
  • spherical shape – aerodynamics – and safety as it relates to shape (34:04)
  • What We’re Celebrating (40:02)


1 comment on “Current State of Helmet Tech, pt. 2: Giro / Bell (Ep.150)”

  1. Hey Blister,

    Why is it impossible to pick a helmet for priority #1 (it’s safety I promise)

    I’ve just whacked my head pretty good, and am looking to replace my helmet. There are a bunch out there that I’m sure will be totally fine. I’d like the one that protects my head the best.

    There’s no “reduces a 10kN blow to 2kN” or similar stat for any of these helmets out there. I have to look up some swedish insurance companies testing to find out what’s going on, and it’s still very hard to compare well.

    I get that it’s a complicated testing procedure and might be hard to summarise results, but I’ve got $400 here waiting to be spent. Now Folksam is telling me a premium helmet like the Smith Vantage performed worst in test for actual protection.

    A system as complicated as a car gets a star safety rating out of 5 to at least give the consumer some idea. Why am I so in the dark on helmets.

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