Dean Karnazes on Longevity, Reading, & Writing (Ep.94)

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Dean Karnazes

Our guest today is an ultra running legend. But beyond his impressive endurance exploits, Dean is an incredibly thoughtful and generous person who just so happens to love running. It was a real honor and a true pleasure to talk to Dean about running, his life-long interest in reading, his approach to writing, and what he is currently passionate about outside of the world of running.


  • Depressing jet lag facts (1:53)
  • Your trip to Australia (5:17)
  • “A different sort of torture” (12:02)
  • Longevity & Ultras (14:34)
  • Reading (23:00)
  • Writing (26:52)
  • Ultramarathon Man vs. A Runner’s High (31:42)
  • Classics (50:32)


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