Eric Walker on Running 5k a Day for 365 Days (Ep.39)


  • Balancing life and running (10:00)
  • Did you tell others about your goal? (22:39)
  • The significance of the challenge (27:44)
  • Biggest takeaways from running 5k for 365 (30:50)
  • Day 366 & Beyond (38:37)
  • Varying intensity? (49:04)
  • Would you recommend this challenge to others? (52:02)

By some measures, Eric Walker is a pretty normal guy.

He lives in Minnesota, he’s not a professional runner, he’s 38 years old, and he’s a husband and a dad.

But at some point in 2018, Eric found himself committed to the goal of running 5 kilometers every day for 365 days … and a year later, he’d done it. That’s 5k, every single day, for 365 days.

And when we learned about this, we had some questions, like Why? Why do this? How did the idea come about? How did Eric actually pull this off? What did he learn in the process? And is this something he thinks the rest of us should try?

So my co-host, Brendan Leonard, and I talked to Eric to find out the answers to all of this and more, and as you’ll see, there’s a lot that each of us could learn from this pretty normal (but charming) guy

Eric Walker talks with Jonathan Ellsworth and Brendan Leonard on the Off the Couch Podcast
Eric Walker

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