Erik Murdock and Tommy Caldwell on the Natural Resources Management Act (Ep.22)


  • Why Tommy got involved with the Access Fund (1:41)
  • What’s in the National Resources Management Act? (2:19)
  • How did it achieve bipartisan support when so little does? (6:20)
  • Which parts have the biggest impact on climbers? (11:24)
  • What is the Land and Water Conservation Fund? (13:40)
  • Ways for climbers to be better advocates (16:30)
  • Other exciting projects with the Access Fund (20:32)
  • Plans for Climb the Hill 2019 (22:25)

We talk to Tommy Caldwell and Access Fund Policy Director, Erik Murdock, to discuss a massive public lands bill that’s moving through congress called the Natural Resources Management Act. We dive into what makes it so important, hear about Tommy’s involvement with the Access Fund, then Erik helps us unpack the Natural Resources Management Act — what it is, how it was created, and why it matters to climbers.

Urge your representative to pass this historic public lands bill

Erik Murdock from Access Fund and Tommy Caldwell in Estes Park
Erik Murdock from Tommy Caldwell in Estes Park. (photo by Becca Caldwell)

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