From G.N.A.R. Star to Mayor? Why Spencer Cordovano is Running for Office (Ep.183)

Spencer Cordovano goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his unusual path to Ketchum and mountain town politics, and why more people should get involved.
Spencer Cordovano

Question: how does a ski bum go from starring in the beloved movie G.N.A.R. (you know, Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness) to running for mayor? And why?

To get some answers, we talked to Spencer Cordovano who is running to be the mayor of Ketchum, Idaho, and our hope is that by sharing Spencer’s story, we might inspire more people who are passionate skiers and riders to get more educated and more involved in local politics.

So in this conversation, you’ll get to hear how Spencer went from ripping BN runs the movie G.N.A.R., to working to mobilize a certain constituency and demographic to make the mountain town he lives in and the community he loves … even better.


  • What prompted you to run for mayor? (3:03)
  • Growing up in Ketchum, ending up in the movie G.N.A.R. (7:10)
  • Being a goof on the mtn, being informed & involved off the mtn (15:01)
  • Workforce issues (28:21)
  • Different metrics for “community” (40:18)
  • Nov. 2nd election + more re: Spencer’s campaign (51:07)


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