Biggest Ski Buying Mistakes + Ski Tuning, Ski Wax, & Ski Boots (Ep.273)

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What are some of the biggest mistakes skiers make when buying gear? And what do regular, recreational skiers & snowboarders (who aren’t racing against the clock) need to know about ski tuning and waxing? I discuss these questions and more with Logan and Riley Boone of Boone Mountain Sports. We also talk about how we all met (it was in Austria), and I announce our upcoming ‘Blister 90-Flex Challenge’.

Blister Summit Update (1:50)
How / Where We All Met (8:09)
Intros: Logan, Riley, & Boone Mountain Sports (13:44)
Kombucha, Music Festivals, & Youth Programs (18:33)
Biggest Ski Buying Mistakes? (28:42)
The Blister ‘90-Flex Challenge’ (35:11)
Ski Tuning (51:00)
Waxing (1:08:35)
Crashes & Close Calls (1:13:50)
The Boone Mountain Sports Logo (1:23:30)

Join Us! Blister Summit 2024
Get Yourself Covered: BLISTER+

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Biggest Ski Buying Mistakes + Ski Tuning, Ski Wax, & Ski Boots (Ep.273), BLISTER
Biggest Ski Buying Mistakes + Ski Tuning, Ski Wax, & Ski Boots (Ep.273), BLISTER
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Biggest Ski Buying Mistakes + Ski Tuning, Ski Wax, & Ski Boots (Ep.273), BLISTER
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Biggest Ski Buying Mistakes + Ski Tuning, Ski Wax, & Ski Boots (Ep.273), BLISTER
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7 comments on “Biggest Ski Buying Mistakes + Ski Tuning, Ski Wax, & Ski Boots (Ep.273)”

  1. It’s all good having the Brothers Boone on the podcast, but it was a big miss not having Papa Boone on there. The world needs a part 2.

    • Apparently we need to start a whole new podcast, “Papa Boone Stories.” He shares 1 story a week, till the end of time.

  2. G’day guys,
    Just a quick shout out to the Blister crew from Peter Glenn Ski and Sport in Delray Beach Florida. We have your Gear30 podcast playing in the workshop, listening and nodding in agreement. Awesome and big thank you.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Great episode, like being in the bar…was this recorded in the brewery? New Awards category for Crashes and Close Calls segment with the whole blood spurting…have a beer..keep skiing…Monty Python “only a flesh wound” esque.

  4. The base-hardening thing that they describe really only happens with harder cold waxes that go on at higher temperatures, like a blue (though in some of the newer non-fluoro lines like Swix PS/HS/TS even the warm waxes go on at 150+ C).

    If you search for “race ski base hardening” you’ll get an eyefull on the topic. Nor-dorks are really obsessive about hardening, but alpine racers do it too. The one caveat is that the necessary iron temperatures are above the 130C glass transition temperature of the P-Tex base, and there’s a somewhat narrow window between “hardening” and “burning” the base. I’m not sure I’d advocate base-hardening for waxing noobs. You want to use an accurate iron and work at a steady pace with no backtracking.

    FWIW I do a couple cycles of soft base prep wax and then 4 cycles with a blue wax for hardening on basically every new pair of skis. With black bases you can tell when you’ve gotten it right, because the base will turn a deeper black with less milkiness. If you see dull spots then you probably overcooked it (assuming you de-haired the base first and you aren’t just looking at grinding debris).

    I also agree that sprayed overlays are really useful, especially in super-wet conditions, though 2 layers of wax is pretty entry-level wrt Riley’s cool test. The cool kids are doing a _lot_ of layers, especially now with NF waxes.

    Now I really want to see some ski maker introduce an all-mountain “one-ski quiver” named The Spork.

    • Oh, and in my ideal universe the “one-ski-quiver” Spork would be a “Jonathan Ellsworth Pro Model”. You’re welcome!

  5. I’ll rip anything with speed and style with a “6” flex (deemed a 90) tongue in my Flexons/FTs/K2Revolers/whatever you want to call them. Come at me. I’m actually serious. But I’m using my ZF’s or a real powerwrap. Although I’m confident I could still FSU with the stock toilet paper liner.

    Also, the flex in a cabrio is linear, not progressive. The flex remains pretty constant and can go deep. Speaking for a Flexon. An overlap is progressive, relatively speaking.

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