Blister Summit Panel on Ski Design (Ep.159)

Today we are airing the panel session on ski design that we held at the Blister Summit earlier this year. We talk to the designers behind the skis from Blizzard, Folsom Custom Skis, Rossignol, Dynastar, and Wagner Custom Skis to get their respective design philosophies; discuss current trends in ski design; debate whether skis are being dumbed down today; determine once and for all whether stated sidecut radius numbers are fake; discuss current consumer interests; and more.


  • Different approaches to ski design 01:46
  • Jed Duke, Blizzard Skis 02:25
  • Mike McCabe, Folsom Custom Skis 5:08
  • Pete Wagner, Wagner Custom Skis 9:32
  • Thor Verdonk, Rossignol & Dynastar 11:10
  • Rank the top 3 innovations in ski design today 14:50
  • Are skis being dumbed down today? 24:15
  • How much has the manufacturing process changed? 33:06
  • Women’s skis 40:06
  • Current demand: specific touring skis vs. “50/50” skis 49:39
  • Are stated sidecut radius numbers fake? 57:41
  • Which ski design trends do you like best? 1:06:31
  • Which ski design trends do you like least? 1:10:07


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