GEAR THERAPY: A Skier (Blister’s founder) Learns to Snowboard, Part 2 (Ep.297)

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In part 2 of this GEAR THERAPY mini-saga, Justin Bobb lays out his specific recommendations for boots, bindings, boards, & more to get me started on my snowboarding journey. We also discuss how many days on a board I’ll need before I’m ready to head up to the Headwall at Crested Butte. (And let us know below how many days you think it’ll take — 5 days? 10? 50? 500??)

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Next Blister Cinematic episode
Snowboard Boots (8:46)
Snowboard Bindings (22:07)
Snowboards (29:01)
Camber Profiles (30:32)
Length / Sizing (36:21)
Protective Gear (39:36)
Common Injuries (43:12)
Summary (45:52)
Headwall Challenge (47:03)
Crashes & Close Calls (53:57)

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GEAR THERAPY: A Skier (Blister’s founder) Learns to Snowboard, Part 2 (Ep.297), BLISTER
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16 comments on “GEAR THERAPY: A Skier (Blister’s founder) Learns to Snowboard, Part 2 (Ep.297)”

  1. All I heard you say is there is going to be a Hot Dog 1.5 show next week ;>)

    I have not watched Better of Dead yet…. But I will get on it.

    Good luck with this SnowBoarding thingy. I sounds like you are going to spend a lot of time in the snow…
    PS, Can you ask J-Bob, what is it with Snow Boarder’s sitting in the middle of the run and just camping out?

    • Ha, we recorded the episode yesterday morning, and it’s definitely ‘Hot Dog 1.5’ — Amie absolutely killed it. Brilliant stuff. Great takes on Better Off Dead, too.

      • I’m sure this came up in you discussion, but Amie’s father (Jeff Engerbretson) had a pro career at Palisades going almost back to Hot Dog IIRC. She would have grown up surrounded by people who were ski doubles in the movie or otherwise immersed in that scene. Looking forward to her take.

        One of the 2 burliest lines in the KT-22 fingers is named Engerbretson’s BTW (looker’s left variation off the highest point)

      • This week’s ski agenda for me:
        * Watch Better Off Dead b4 Friday.
        * Avoid any Blister Cinematic spoilers, because I know nothing about this movie. 1985, I do not know how I missed it.
        * Listen to this weeks Blister Cinematic POD on my way up to Mammoth Mtn this Friday.
        Yep we are still doing Lift Serviced Skiing in California.

        In addition while driving to Mammoth (to go skiing without having to walk up the mountain, because we are doing that in California in May) figure out a plan to get Jonathan review “Drop Everything” with Elyse and Cody.

        • “I want my two dollars!”

          Mammoth had a crazy powder day on 5/5. Snowbrains posted a video doing P4 to Philippe’s that day.

          • Yes the Sierra got a lot of snow that weekend, and I wanted to go to mtns so bad. However it would have negatively impacted every relationship I have in my life. But 2 weeks later on left over slush and sunshine won’t be a bad weekend either.

  2. How about, to keep things more real world you hire gear and have a long form review on rental gear?
    Or borrow friends gear that’s the wrong size and has rusty edges

    • “Or borrow friends gear that’s the wrong size and has rusty edges.” Ha, this is great – def more real world.

      But (1) I’m scared enough already, and (2) I am really curious to weigh in on how the process goes using (and reviewing) new gear that is supposed to be good for a newbie.

  3. Not had a chance to listen to either episode yet but some thoughts:
    1. Saw the pic of what turned out to be Justin Bobb on the home page and immediately thought ‘wow Jonathan is doing well on a board already’
    2. Have never been on a snow board
    3. Have only seen you ski on blades and telemark and never in person so have no real idea of your skiing (but know it’s way better than mine)
    4. Have never been to CB so no idea re Headwall

    All of which makes me ideally qualified to judge how long it would take for you to be ready for Headwall. Am going 5 days – assuming those are 5 full days of Justin Bobb teaching you. Good luck!

  4. “Impact shorts” sound like something a Depends ™(r) marketing exec came up with to move some extra units.

  5. I usually Tele and I always just keep my knee pads on for boarding. Definitely pursue the triple threat. The toeside snowboard turn Tele turn relationship is the ultimate theoretical approach to terrain. It has revolutionized my alpine skiing for the better.

  6. Just heard the part about what pads to wear and recommend the G-Form Pro 3/4 Padded Compression Pant. They have built in pads at the knees and tail bone. I use them for tele and in the words of Flanders, “feels like you’re wearing nothin at al!”

    • Appreciate the suggestion and recommendation! I definitely will get a pair & check them out.

      I’d love to hear everyone’s recommendations for protective gear that people have used and like…

  7. hiya, black diamond TeleKneesis Kneepads are great for learning to board. a few of my kids still use them. Arms in when you fall. mtb elbows are good too

  8. Plus one for the G-form D30 mountain bike shorts to help with the tailbone hits and get any lighter weight rollerblade style wrist guards because sadly wrist fractures are common and those things work. However, last time I skied Mammoth I saw many of the LA kids rocking these stuffed animal style snowboard butt and knee pads and I think we would all love to see Jonathan rocking these on day 1 on the board.

    • Amazing. Turtle pads. I don’t think I’m cool enough to rock them… but maybe they need to be the new ‘if we get to 1000 ratings of GEAR:30’ challenge, we shoot a full video of me in turtle pads – including all comments I get in the lift line.

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