Powder Skis in AK with Paul & Jonathan (Ep.241)

I’m currently in Girdwood, Alaska, skiing with Paul Forward and Chugach Powder Guides with a great crew. So after another day in the mountains yesterday, Paul and I talked about a bunch of skis we’ve been getting time on (from Heritage Lab, Folsom, DPS, K2); some new skis we’d like to see; crème brûlée crust; and bonus: thoughts on the new Lange Shadow boot.


  • Tricky Weather and Epic Powder Day (3:31)
  • Chugach Powder Guides (6:50)
  • Snowpack and Types of Snow (8:34)
  • Heritage Lab FL 113 (13:38)
  • Folsom Rapture & Folsom G-Wagon (24:57)
  • K2 Powabunga (38:38)
  • DPS Lotus 124 (44:49)
  • Breakable Crust & Crème Brûlée (56:05)
  • Ski Boots: Lange Shadow (1:05:40)
  • Crashes & Close Calls (1:08:36)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:11:35)



4 comments on “Powder Skis in AK with Paul & Jonathan (Ep.241)”

  1. Boy, that talk of the K2 Powabunga being still a ski of choice sent me back.
    I’ll call my K2 buddy and get him to reminisce about that and the Hellbent, and the widest Obsethed, and the Pettitors, which the Silverton Mountain guides called the most versatile powder ski they had for years (AT THE RIGHT MOUNT POINTS). I think they had a contract for a bunch of different K2 powder skis, including the Powabunga as a mainstay.

    The Obsethed 116 (the last and widest one only) was so soft it visibly flapped, but the skier didn’t feel that, and they were just so damp and nimble anyway. (This ski is the OG of both the Pettitors 118 and the current Black Ops 118, sure feels like, if you’ve been on both skis. All three tanks.) And the Hellbents too flexed so soft, but were so relatively damp anyway, surprising crud busters, for being so wide and so floaty.

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