Reviewer Reports: Taos Ski Valley, Carving Skis, All-Mountain Skis, & Luke’s 3-Day-Old Cheeseburger (Ep.290)

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This week, Luke, Kara, Kristin, JBobb, and I were testing a bunch of skis, boots, snowboards, and apparel in Taos Ski Valley. But it was more than just a review trip, since it was also the first time back at TSV for several of us who previously spent many seasons there — which meant there were a lot of feelings.

So in this conversation, we discuss a number of the carving-oriented and narrower all-mountain skis we were on this week; Luke’s food choices; the heated debate between Taos’ Chair 2 (West Basin) vs Chair 12 (Kachina Peak); and more.

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We’re Back! (5:45)
The Great Debate: Taos’ Chair 2 vs. Chair 12 (11:27)
Luke’s Green-Chile Cheeseburger (25:00)
Morning Groomers & Carving Skis (30:53)
Afternoon Steeps & All-Mountain Skis (44:31)
Crashes & Close Calls: Jonathan’s Latest (1:05:54)

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Reviewer Reports: Taos Ski Valley, Carving Skis, All-Mountain Skis, & Luke’s 3-Day-Old Cheeseburger (Ep.290), BLISTER
Reviewer Reports: Taos Ski Valley, Carving Skis, All-Mountain Skis, & Luke’s 3-Day-Old Cheeseburger (Ep.290), BLISTER
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Reviewer Reports: Taos Ski Valley, Carving Skis, All-Mountain Skis, & Luke’s 3-Day-Old Cheeseburger (Ep.290), BLISTER
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Reviewer Reports: Taos Ski Valley, Carving Skis, All-Mountain Skis, & Luke’s 3-Day-Old Cheeseburger (Ep.290), BLISTER
Blister Podcast

36 comments on “Reviewer Reports: Taos Ski Valley, Carving Skis, All-Mountain Skis, & Luke’s 3-Day-Old Cheeseburger (Ep.290)”

    • Yeah. The “90 hour cheeseburger” is right up there with “medium rare chicken”

      Luke must have tremendous trust in random cafes’ meat sourcing and handling

  1. Peaches. I was just at Taos for the first time Sunday and Monday and that place already has my heart. I really enjoyed the discussion about it, and honestly would love to hear y’all talk about other ski hills you like as well.

    • Glad you liked it. And this fall, we’re going to begin rolling out a new benefit of our BLISTER+ membership: the Blister Resort Guide. Will be a pretty major undertaking, but our intention is to have 10-15 ski areas covered before the lifts start spinning in 2025, and we’ll be building out – and updating – that guide over subsequent years.

  2. Peaches!
    Love the banter, although Luke tempting food poisoning was 50/50 gross and hilarious.

    Sounds like a fun trip. Btw, how much S#1+ did ya’ll give Jonathan about not setting the bindings right (I personally think he just crashed and blamed the bindings, hahah)

    • Ha, we have photo evidence of the ski sliding away from my right ski boot while I was in the apex of a carved left turn. And you’re right – they definitely should have given me more crap for it. I think Kara was too horrified by what she’d just witnessed to give me grief about it, and I don’t think Luke and Kristin saw it in real time. Very fortunate to walk away from that one with (maybe) a bit of a concussion, a sore neck, and sore ribs. Could have been quite a bit worse.

  3. OK,
    Quick question: What year version Nordica Enforcer 94 were you skiing here? I don’t think you said if it is the 23-24 version that’s probably available for demo in most places, or a new 24-25 pre-release (for reviewing kinda version) that I can’t demo this season? Please advise, I would love to try whatever version this one is!

    And good cheeseburger story!


  4. Peaches. Can I just say that as a die hard Gear 30 fan that was not long enough, go longer next time! Really excited to hear you’re loving the Commander 92. I’ve skied the Commander 108 for 2 years now and am looking at the narrower ski for next year, I cannot wait to try that beast out. Thanks to all for the episode

  5. Looking forward to the Zag content, absolutely love the H-86. Underrated brand in North America, I think a lot more people need to give them a shot.

  6. Peaches, from downunder. Always wanted to go to Taos, and this conversation has helped greatly in adding to my need to get there.

  7. Kudos to Jonathan for his comparative discussion of the new Nordica Enforcer 94, the prior 94 and the Nordica 93. As someone who read the Blister review, demoed the ski and immediately bought it, I have been happily using the Nordica 93 as my Tahoe daily driver for seven years now. Last year, since the ski, not to mention the skier, were getting a little long in the tooth, I demoed the 94. Yikes! The ski was heavy, stiff, unforgiving and, as Jonathan observed, planky. Perhaps if you folks do a deep dive comparison of the new 94, you could throw in the old 93 as a comparison. Thanks

    • I’m in the same boat. Love my Enforcer 93. I’m going to need a replacement as mine are super beat. Looking forward to the review of the new 94 and the deep dive.

  8. Peaches. It was a great way to get jazzed to ski at Taos tomorrow.

    I’ve enjoyed those 50% off green chile cheeseburgers, but I normally eat them within a few hours.

  9. Peaches (Ok, I started at minute 30). Jonathan, thanks for the update on the Anomaly and Enforcer 94. You spent a lot of time comparing them to their predecessors, but not much comparing the two directly. I think both are more forgiving than their predecessors, but am curious your thoughts on comparing them against each other.

  10. Love Taos. Go almost every year. The town and the mountain are very special for a lot of reasons. I went this year after a few years hiatus, and I’m pretty bummed about the changes to the Bavarian. I’m not sure why they are operating it the way they are now, but it just not fun anymore. Still can’t wait to go back for everything else.

  11. I made the same mistake not resetting my bindings after swapping skis with a friend (his BSL was longer).

    I think good skiing form (I was carving on groomers) is what stops the boot from popping out earlier — my skis only twisted off on hockey stops — so consider it evidence of high skill that you managed to avoid a premature ejection for so long!

  12. Peaches. And maybe extra credit for listening while camped in a wind storm in a remote canyon in Death Valley?

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