Whiskey, Murder, and a Bunch of New Skis (Ep.293)

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Luke and I discuss some of the new skis they’ve been testing this spring

Blister Rec Shop: Powder Hound
Get Yourself Covered: BLISTER+

Intro & Updates (2:36)
Blizzard Anomaly 88 (9:50)
K2 Omen Team (20:00)
Blizzard Anomaly 94 (23:32)
Armada Declivity X 102 & Declivity X 108 (33:58)
Moment Commander 102 (40:46)
Line Pandora 99 & Pandora 106 (49:14)
Black Crows Corvus (57:38)
Rossignol Sender Free 118 (1:03:57)
Crashes & Close Calls (1:10:07)

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5 comments on “Whiskey, Murder, and a Bunch of New Skis (Ep.293)”

  1. Are y’all just gonna keep posting pictures of Luke and his safety vest until we all gouge our eyes out and stop reading?

    Seriously I’ve seen a bunch of people try that look this spring, especially with the JotD “shit skier” vests, and Luke wore it best. He’s got the skills to really work it (as opposed to the honest-to-goodness shit skier that I saw straightlining groomers at Mammoth in one of those vests last week).

  2. Q: Does Crested Butte have a fixed closing day as part of their USFS contract or something like this?

    Y’all need to come test skis in Mammoth. They went until August last year, and they’re saying “at least Memorial Day” for this year.

  3. Will there be any talk coming on the Anomaly 102 and the Cochise? It’s this move from Blizzard that I’ve been most intrigued (and scared) by as a major Cochise fan!

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