Georgia Porter on Career Shifts, Strength Training, & the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials (Ep.50)


  • Workouts & trivia? (1:54)
  • Georgia’s family of runners (3:45)
  • Georgia’s ultrarunning grandma (8:35)
  • Running at Western Colorado University (10:15)
  • Turning point: going off course during a race (12:45)
  • Rediscovering joy (17:35)
  • Georgia’s approach to training for longer distances (24:13)
  • From paramedic to personal trainer (29:10)
  • How do you blend endurance & strength training? (34:40)
  • What are your running goals? (44:45)
  • How to sprint the last 5k of a marathon (52:00)

We talk to Georgia Porter, co-owner and personal trainer at The Physio Shop in Flagstaff, Arizona, about her dislike of running as a kid; her grandma who was running ultras back before running ultras was a thing; how to incorporate apple fritters and beer into your training regimen; competing at the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials; her belief in combining strength training and endurance training; and why all runners would benefit from learning to love strength training.

Georgia Porter goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss running The Physio Shop in Flagstaff, Arizona, The 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials, training, & more
Georgia Porter

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