Georgia Porter on Career Shifts, Strength Training, & the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials (Ep.50)


  • Workouts & trivia? (1:54)
  • Georgia’s family of runners (3:45)
  • Georgia’s ultrarunning grandma (8:35)
  • Running at Western Colorado University (10:15)
  • Turning point: going off course during a race (12:45)
  • Rediscovering joy (17:35)
  • Georgia’s approach to training for longer distances (24:13)
  • From paramedic to personal trainer (29:10)
  • How do you blend endurance & strength training? (34:40)
  • What are your running goals? (44:45)
  • How to sprint the last 5k of a marathon (52:00)

We talk to Georgia Porter, co-owner and personal trainer at The Physio Shop in Flagstaff, Arizona, about her dislike of running as a kid; her grandma who was running ultras back before running ultras was a thing; how to incorporate apple fritters and beer into your training regimen; competing at the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials; her belief in combining strength training and endurance training; and why all runners would benefit from learning to love strength training.

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Georgia Porter

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