Hannah Bergemann on Red Bull Formation 2021 (Ep.69)

Hannah Bergemann just got back from the 2nd year of Red Bull Formation, so we caught up with her to get her take on the event; hear how it was similar to and how it was different from the 1st year of Formation; talk about her work with Transition; and her future plans.


  • The evolution of Formation (2:47)
  • Collaboration vs. Competition (7:44)
  • Digging & building lines (12:35)
  • Traction & bike mods for desert riding (14:44)
  • Line choices (17:26)
  • Coaching & visualization (19:35)
  • Sketchiest & favorite moments from Formation? (24:34)
  • Predictions for Year 3 (31:55)
  • Riding for & working at Transition (34:08)
  • Winning the Evolution in Action / Rider’s Choice Award (37:52)
  • Hannah’s Big Idea (39:57)
  • 2021 plans (43:06)


Hannah Bergemann goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss her rise in mountain bike freeride, the Red Bull Formation event, her work with Transition Bikes, & more
Hannah Bergemann wins the Evolution in Action Award at 2021 Red Bull Formation. (photo by Re Wikstrom / Red Bull)

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  1. Glad to hear Vail opened your bike park at CB. Unfortunately Vail decided against opening the bike park here at Stevens Pass, WA this year and sadly rumor has it that it will go away. With it being the only lift served bike park in Washington and the border to Whistler still closed Bellingham will probably see a lot more riders this year. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of what Vail plans for other bike parks.

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