How to Design a Great Race (Ep.31)


  • Caleb’s background (2:18)
  • Why the name “High Lonesome”? (26:32)
  • Overview of the race (32:15)
  • Conservation efforts (37:00)
  • Progressive gender policies (43:44)
  • Becoming a Hard Rock qualifier (1:00:55)
  • Future goals for the race (1:03:40)

New races and running events seem to be popping up all the time, which raises the question: Are there some specific characteristics, policies, and practices that should be built into pretty much every race event?

To start thinking about this question, we talked to Caleb Efta, the race director of the High Lonesome 100. Caleb started the High Lonesome 100 in 2017, and the race is already a Hard Rock 100 qualifier.

Caleb is an interesting guy who has thought hard about how best to structure the race he directs, so I talked with him about how and why he started High Lonesome, and we get into some of the specific policies and requirements of the race that are designed to mitigate the environmental impacts of the event and to increase gender equality. It’s good stuff for all of us to be thinking about how and in what areas we can improve

Caleb Efta goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss planning and directing races.
Caleb Efta at the High Lonesome 100. (photo by Mile 90 Photography)

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