How You Can Help Brands Go Climate Neutral (Ep.11)


  • What is Climate Neutral? (2:43)
  • How did Climate Neutral get started? (3:45)
  • Austin’s (impressive) background (9:24)
  • What Climate Neutral does & doesn’t do (20:40)
  • Greenwashing & how to avoid it? (28:32)
  • Costs / Price of reducing carbon emissions? (36:11)
  • Carbon offsets — are they legit? (44:22)
  • Near-term goals of Climate Neutral? (52:22)
  • What should individuals & companies do right now? (58:16)

These days, a lot of brands — and especially a lot of outdoor brands — like to talk about sustainability. But what concrete steps are companies taking to measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions? And what can be done to hold companies more accountable?

Climate Neutral is a non-profit that enlists brands to reduce and pay for their emissions, and helps consumers identify which companies are taking real action.

So we talk to Climate Neutral CEO, Austin Whitman, about how Climate Neutral got started; his (impressive) background; the problem of “greenwashing”; the lower-than-you’d-think costs of reducing carbon emissions; the legitimacy of carbon offsets; and what individuals & companies can do right now.

Check out Climate Neutral’s current Kickstarter campaign

Jonathan Ellsworth talks with Climate Neutral CEO, Austin Whitman, on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast about Climate Neutral, how it started, its goals, and how everyone can help.
Climate Neutral CEO, Austin Whitman

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