Ibis Cycles founder, Scot Nicol (Ep.15)


  • The Ripmo 2 (4:55)
  • The current Ibis lineup (16:55)
  • More Ibis metal bikes? (23:44)
  • The Ibis Tranny (25:15)
  • The Ibis Trans-Fat (28:00)
  • Scot’s favorite Ibis bike name (28:50)
  • Ripley vs Ripmo (32:11)
  • Scot’s bike background (34:57)
  • The evolution of bikes in the past 15 years (41:36)
  • What will mtn biking look like in the next ~40 years? (55:53)
  • e-bikes (1:02:12)

We talk to Ibis Cycles founder, Scot Nicol, about the new Ripmo 2; the current Ibis lineup; Scot’s background in the early (and awesome) days of mtn biking; the history and trajectory of Ibis; and a whole lot more.

Ibis Cycles founder, Scot Nicols, goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast to discuss the history of Ibis, the new 2020 Ibis Ripmo, & more
Ibis Cycles founder, Scot Nicols
Blister Brand Guide: Blister breaks down the 2020 Ibis Mountain Bike Lineup
2020 Ibis Ripmo

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