In Defense of Indoor Trainers (Ep.42)

Jonathan Ellsworth & Simon Stewart discuss on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast the benefits of indoor bike trainers for mountain bikers.
Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer

Trainers? Trainers?? Roadies have been using them forever, but many mountain bikers dismiss them (like we did). But Simon Stewart (aka, Mr. Tank Driver / co-owner of BV Bike Company) lays out a compelling case for why all cyclists — including mountain bikers — should reconsider their stance on the modern, indoor trainer.


  • Why Simon got a trainer (2:53)
  • What do you like about it? (6:35)
  • Weekly training schedule? (16:57)
  • Where to demo one / closing thoughts (22:49)


2 comments on “In Defense of Indoor Trainers (Ep.42)”

  1. +1 on smart trainers. I’ve been using a Kickr and TrainerRoad since 2015. I have 2 small children and a demanding job so time is tight. I was looking for something that was going to yield the largest fitness gains with less overhead. Year over year I’ve gotten fitter and am now riding as strongly as I did fifteen years ago. It works equally well for road as well as mountain oriented training, although it’s my road bike that I keep hooked up to it. A good stretching routine evens out the positional differences. Yes, it’s a nerdy roadie thing, but if you’re focused on building fitness and getting faster a smart trainer is hard to beat.

  2. Totally agree. Between kid, work, fires making air tough for an asthmatic and just life, it’s become hard for me to get out and train. And poor fitness makes it hard to enjoy those rides when I do get out for an Epic. I recently purchased a Stages SB20 smart bike and have been exploring Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, Sufferfest & Bkool. All these tools just give me a chance to have some fitness when I do get out!

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