Inclusivity & Innovation in the Outdoor Industry: Moosejaw CEO, Eoin Comerford (Ep.153)

Moosejaw CEO, Eoin Comerford, goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss Inclusivity & Innovation in the outdoor industry, the Moosejaw Outdoor Accelerator, and more
Moosejaw CEO, Eoin Comerford

In this episode we cover a number of very big topics with the CEO of Moosejaw, Eoin Comerford. Eoin and I discuss how we can actually increase diversity and inclusivity in the outdoor industry; the Moosejaw Outdoor Accelerator — which we hope that a number of you will apply for; what Moosejaw’s aims are and how those aims are informed by Moosejaw’s parent company, Walmart; and more.


  • Moosejaw’s history (3:18)
  • Being backed by Walmart (9:24)
  • The Moosejaw Outdoor Accelerator (18:46)
  • Inclusivity in the outdoor space (22:51)
  • Large online retailers & indie brick & mortar shops (30:57)
  • The current state of the outdoor industry (38:33)
  • More details re: the Moosejaw Outdoor Accelerator (49:58)


2 comments on “Inclusivity & Innovation in the Outdoor Industry: Moosejaw CEO, Eoin Comerford (Ep.153)”

  1. I listen to to these podcasts as pure escapism from my work in public health and human services, which is a bit grim in the best of times, and rather like a fever dream these days. With that approach, I’m mainly able to look past the almost absurdly bourgeois content. But this interview of a Wal-Mart exec green washing Wal-Mart and conveniently ignoring their incredibly concerning business and labor practices was really tough to listen to all the way through. The options in dealing with these megacorps are not limited to trying to work with them in hopes that they will change. While it’s unfashionable these days, there have been times in our country’s history that we have addressed these issues through public policy. As Mr. Ellsworth said, not everyone will agree with his apparently revised position on this, and this listener most certainly doesn’t.

  2. The big box, online retailers will not be able to compete with the small, mom and pop specialty retailer. They will out sell them but there is no substitute for service. Boots need fitting. Skis and snowboards need mounting or tuning and repair and that cannot be done online.

    That is my business model and will remain so.

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