Introducing: Blister Labs (Ep.180)

Today we are excited to introduce you to a very big new initiative at Blister: Blister Labs. Blister Labs is a new partnership between Blister, the University of Colorado Boulder, and the brand-new, state-of-the-art engineering facility at Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado.

Joining me to talk about why we believe that Blister Labs represents a significant new development in the outdoor industry is Dr. Jeni Blacklock, who is the director of the Rady Partnership Program between CU Boulder and Western Colorado University.


  • What is Blister Labs? (2:17)
  • The Rady Engineering Facility at Western (6:21)
  • CU Boulder’s involvement (8:04)
  • New standards? (11:29)
  • Key faculty: Greg Vanderbeek & Sean Humbert (14:16)
  • Jeni’s current position & background (22:38)
  • Working at a bike shop and the NIST (31:37)
  • Some of Jeni’s recent work (41:05)
  • Blister Labs & the new “Outdoor Industry Engineering” program (43:23)


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