Jason Levinthal & 4FRNT’s New Ownership Group (Ep.114)

4FRNT's new owners, Charlie Johnson, Ebi Lange, & Will Armenta, along with previous owner Jason Levinthal & 4FRNT Brand Manager, Sam Kimmerle, go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the ownership change for 4FRNT Skis, the future of the brand, & more
4FRNT Skis at their Canadian Factory. (photo by Dan Cardon)

Last week, it was announced that Jason Levinthal had sold 4FRNT Skis. So we talked to Jason about how this deal came about; learn the background of the new leadership group at 4FRNT: Charlie Johnson, Ebi Lange, & Will Armenta; ask what the group does and doesn’t intend to change about the brand; and more.

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  • Sale of 4FRNT (3:33)
  • 4FRNT introductions (5:16)
  • What are the opportunities for 4FRNT? (32:22)
  • Pricing of skis (36:14)
  • 4FRNT athletes (42:18)
  • Jonathan’s new role at 4FRNT (51:24)

3 comments on “Jason Levinthal & 4FRNT’s New Ownership Group (Ep.114)”

  1. I was already optimistic last week when the sale of 4FRNT was announced. Listening to the backstory of these guys , their relationship with skiing and how they’re keeping on a bunch of people (Jlev temporarily , Hoji , Thayne , etc) pretty much cemented in my mind that they will do a solid job with the brand moving forward.

    BTW , cant wait to get me hands on the new Raven Tourlock! It’s gonna be a good season!

  2. Great interview and sounds like the (mostly new) 4frnt crew is great – passionate, but also focused on maintaining a sustainable business for the longhaul.
    The Raven tourlock (to replace my old great regular Ravens) is next on my list… Unless you guys put out a throwback EHP Pilsner! Do a limited run, all pre-ordered, can show up next year. Great nod to the early Hoji days. And still such an awesome ski. Come on!

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