Jeremy Bloom on Winning, Happiness, & The Weight of Gold (Ep. 138)


  • Jeremy’s life these days (2:45)
  • Skiing AND Football (6:17)
  • The Film: The Weight of Gold (19:00)
  • Winning & Happiness (29:13)
  • Life after Athletics (42:45)
  • Physical Health & ‘Brain Health’ (45:05)

Our guest today is someone I’ve admired for a long time, and for a bunch of different reasons.

Jeremy Bloom made the US Ski Team when he was just 15 years old, then became a three-time world champion mogul skier, a two-time Olympian, and an 11-time World Cup gold medalist.

And if that wasn’t enough, he was also a passionate football player who became an All-American football player at the University of Colorado, then went on to be drafted into the NFL by the Philadelphia Eagles. And I do not believe that we will ever again see anyone become both a world champion skier and be drafted into the NFL.

But our main topic of conversation here is the pursuit of athletic excellence and how that relates to happiness and … how our brains really don’t care whether or not we are a World Champion. Issues of brain health can and do affect us all.

The occasion for the exploration of these topics is the new HBO film, The Weight of Gold, which I found to be an eye-opening and extremely important film that every single person in our BLISTER community needs to see.

Jeremy appears in the film and is also an executive producer of the film, and for all of the things that I admire about Jeremy, his help in getting this film made and bringing it to light is at the top of the list.

Consider this film a Must Watch.


Jeremy Bloom goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss competing on the US Ski Team and Olympic Skiing team, being drafted into the NFL, mental health and the HBO film The Weight of Gold, & More
Jeremy Bloom during the filming of HBO's film, The Weight of Gold

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