Joe Grant: Adventurer, Endurance Athlete, & Storyteller (Ep.42)


  • How Joe & Brendan met (1:55)
  • Joe’s background (6:45)
  • Film: The Middle Way (10:30)
  • From Rollerblading to Running (16:40)
  • Greyhound Bus Roadtrip (20:05)
  • Developing a Minimalist Aesthetic (23:25)
  • Learning to run in Kenya (26:45)
  • Running the Waldo 100K (32:50)
  • Running (and winning) the 2008 Caballo Blanco (35:53)
  • How the Caballo Blanco race affected Joe’s future (41:17)
  • 2008: Kilian Jornet & a changing of the guard (47:00)
  • Turning running into a career (51:43)
  • Other creative interests & pursuits? (53:53)
  • Joe’s mom’s amazing relationship with running (56:50)
  • Running on your own terms (1:01:44)
  • The “Runner’s High” & continuity with life (1:06:40)
  • The Marathon Monks of Japan (1:19:25)

Joe Grant is hard to describe. He is an endurance athlete, a mountain runner, a reader, a writer, a thinker, a filmmaker, and, as you are about to find out, an exceptional storyteller.

And so, in this conversation with Brendan Leonard and me, Brendan and I mostly ask Joe some simple questions, and Joe responds with a fascinating tale or a rather profound reflection.

Topics include how Joe got into running; racing (and winning) the 2008 Caballo Blanco Copper Canyon Ultra and how that affected his life; his Tour de Fourteeners, a self-powered and self-supported link up of all Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks by bike and on foot; and a whole lot more.

Joe Grant joins Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth on the Off the Couch Podcast
Joe Grant (photo by Andy Earl)

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