Jonathan & Maddie run (and record this during) the Elk Run 5k (Ep.68)

Jonathan & Maddie run (and record this during) the Elk Run 5k (Ep.68), BLISTER
Maddie Hart & Jonathan Ellsworth after running the Elk Run 5K in Crested Butte, Colorado. (#donttakephotosinthedark)

Last Saturday night, Blister reviewer & very accomplished ultrarunner, Maddie Hart, ran the Emma Coburn Elk Run 5k with me, a very unaccomplished runner, and we recorded the experience.

I basically just embarrass myself real bad, but it was all for a great cause: Living Journeys.


  • Running attire (5:50)
  • Maddie’s FKT attempt (10:33)
  • 5k Update: how’s Jonathan feeling? (13:21)
  • Converting miles to kilometers (17:52)
  • Listening to music while running (21:15)
  • Maddie’s FKT training (23:32)
  • Finishing! (26:39)
  • Closing thoughts (30:06)

5 comments on “Jonathan & Maddie run (and record this during) the Elk Run 5k (Ep.68)”

  1. “Murder breathing” BWAHAHAHA! Dude, I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Every time I run, after not even too long of a distance, in my mind my breathing struggle sounds like a pug.

    • Ha, thanks for that comforting comment.

      Since our run last Saturday, I’ve come to think that my normal running music that allows me to *not* listen to myself breathe is really quite the performance enhancer. Auditory doping?

      • Nah , its an “experience enhancer”. Like how lighter skis make skinning up easier/faster , or , on the flip side , how heavier skis can make the downhill waaaaaay more fun. You’re still going up and then coming back down , but your equipment choices can make all the difference between having an awesome day OR just wishing you were back home already so you could take 4 shots of tequila and forget about EVERYTHING that happened that day. So if it helps you run better , then , as Shia Labeouf (or however its spelled…) said so eloquently , “JUST DO IT!!!”.

  2. It’s all about having a good playlist or a decently vibey Gear 30 podcast to run to. Otherwise, as stated above just stay home and drink tequila is pretty sound advice.

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