Matthias Giraud & Chase Ogden on ‘Super Frenchie’, Ski Base Jumping, & More (Ep.169)

We’re talking with Matthias Giraud and Chase Ogden about their excellent new film, Super Frenchie. Many of you are familiar with Matthias’ “Super Frenchie” exploits as a skier, base jumper, and ski base jumper, and this film documents his trajectory while also detailing the philosophy of life that drives his decision to do things like ski base off the Matterhorn.


  • The backstory of Super Frenchie (1:22)
  • Matthias’ philosophy of life (8:46)
  • Fear (22:16)
  • Analyzing two ski base attempts (25:49)
  • The art of grabbing the parachute (29:22)
  • Terrifying inrun off the Matterhorn (31:40)
  • Future projects? (34:35)
  • Where to watch Super Frenchie (37:07)

2 comments on “Matthias Giraud & Chase Ogden on ‘Super Frenchie’, Ski Base Jumping, & More (Ep.169)”

  1. Thanks for a great podcast. And what do you know–the film is playing right here in the Kan this week! Following your recommendation of catching it in the theater.

  2. Saw the film in a theater last night. Definitely the way to experience it. Such a good story about being true to yourself. Breathtaking cinematography. And the jumps… holy shit.

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