Mojo Suspension & Geometron Bikes founder, Chris Porter (Ep.64)

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Chris Porter (photo by Sim Mainey)

Chris Porter has long been known as one of the earliest and most vocal proponents of the longer/lower/slacker trends in mountain bike geometry, and his Geometron bikes have pushed the envelope further than just about anything else out there. But Chris has opinions on a whole lot more than just bike geometry, and in our recent conversation we got his takes on wheel sizes, eBikes, suspension tuning, Vladimir Putin(?) and a whole lot more.


  • Background & motorcycles (2:16)
  • Founding of Mojo & trashing a rental house (5:46)
  • Experimenting with geometry (10:24)
  • Mondraker & Fabien Barel (17:47)
  • Partnership with Nicolai (26:42)
  • Trail Nirvana (34:35)
  • “eBikes ruined it” (36:37)
  • Geometron Bikes (44:32)
  • Tradeoffs in bike design (50:38)
  • Craft vs. Math in bike setup (55:58)
  • Wheel sizes & the death of 27.5? (58:12)
  • Chris’ Big Idea (1:11:51)

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  1. I know we’re all supposed to get along, but I particularly enjoyed the evisceration of eBikes. Because of all the reasons mentioned, but especially the value for money of a motorbike in comparison to an eBike.

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