Moment Skis CEO, Luke Jacobson (Ep.75)


  • Moment Commander 108 (1:28)
  • Moment Commander 98 (5:10)
  • Moment Commander 118 (7:05)
  • Moment Commander 124 (and the Moment Comi) (11:45)
  • Why we need to do a better job educating skiers (15:25)
  • Moment Deathwish (20:35)
  • Moment Deathwish vs. Wildcat 108 (25:49)
  • The history of the Bibby & Blister Pro (28:31)
  • Putting the weight back into the Blister Pro (40:10)
  • Moment Deathwish Tour (49:45)
  • How the Deathwish got its name (53:35)

We talk to Moment Skis CEO, Luke Jacobson, about Moment’s entire “Commander” series; why we still need to do a better job educating skiers; how the Deathwish got its name; the history of the Bibby and the Blister Pro; some upcoming changes to the Blister Pro; and more.

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Luke Jacobson goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss Moment Skis 19/20 lineup, the new Moment Blister Pro, and more
Luke Jacobson & Jonathan Ellsworth in Blister HQ, Elevation Hotel, Crested Butte, CO.

13 comments on “Moment Skis CEO, Luke Jacobson (Ep.75)”

  1. One of the best Gear 30s. Love it.

    Quick suggestion, maybe worth putting a page up with details/updates of the Moment Blister Pro project? Might save Luke/Jonathan some of the emails from the masses as you go through the process?

  2. loved it. i must be a certifiable gear nerd/dork. as a fellow vertebra fracture lottery winner(no nerve damage. hi JE…), i loved the Deathwish naming story.

    to add the weight JE must have on the Blister Pro, would making the UHMD a bit wider and tweaking the wood core to keep the same stiffness be an avenue to explore ?

    thanks for your indulgence…

  3. I was surprised to have Luke come back in after having just been in the speaker series, but totally worth while. One episode does not preclude the other.

    My observation though having, just days before this podcast, emailed Moment on the differences between the Wildcat 108 and Deathwish, worry about East Coast/West coast differences. You guys are at CB, and Luke says he never has skied east. I wonder if there are sometimes contextual differences to account for ski reviews. Or is that mud in the water? Do I bias my ski buys to J Skis rather than west coast outfits (any west of the Appalachia’s are the west coast to me. PNW and Colorado…what’s the damn difference, ya’ll. And my mom says “warter” not “wate” as well. Tho I dropped it. It’s funny hearing Jay say it and still be a pro.). There are physical differences between the Metal and Wildcat 108. Clear differences, but I wonder about effectiveness of each in different areas. Again, just an observation. Hope you guys travel east to ski some skis, just to say you did. It’s a business write-off right?

    For funzies, this is the exact response I got from moment in regard to the Wildcat 108 vs. Deathwish. Hope for an a/b soon:

    “The Deathwish being slightly wider is going to float better in deeper snow but be a little slower edge to edge when carving hardpack. The Wildcat, being narrower is quicker edge to edge when carving but won’t float as well. Deeper rocker lines in the Wildcat will make it pivot slightly easier in tight spaces whereas the Triple Camber in the Deathwish make it feel a bit more planted. Triple Camber also allows for 4 contact points per edge rather than the normal 2 so despite being 112mm underfoot the Deathwish will grip as if it is 104-106mm.
    For something that favors on piste conditions, tight bumps or can be taken through the park go with the Wildcat 108. For a ski that favors consistency all over the mountain and floats a bit better in deeper snow go with the Deathwish.”

    • Have and love your Deathwish, Any chance there will be a Deathwish with some metal in it? A damper heavier DW would be amazing for some days in PNW when we’re skiing mashed taters & chop. Thanks for making such a rad product

  4. Luke’s one my favorite guests, and then just gear talk! Loved it. Makes me want to have one of each Moment ski. Who doesn’t!?

    I think the information from the podcast to each ski should be on the website (especially the thoughts that went into each of the Commander models and also what changed from the last year’s model).

    Also, I wish there was book with all the art work of all Moments over the years ski. Like a fancy art book. Pleeeease.

    • Yep. Moment’s been testing some new, heavier skis, and Luke said he intends to send a couple heavier versions our way to see which one we like best / is skiing closest to the previous Bibby / Blister Pro. We don’t have a specific timeline, but we expect to have the skis in a few weeks (as opposed to a few months). But we’ll let you know when we have the protos in hand.

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