New Products, New Trends, & Old Marketing Tactics (Ep.2)


  • Guerrilla Gravity’s modular design (1:55)
  • Downcountry Bikes (8:27)
  • Which bike categories are shrinking? (15:20)
  • Mullet Bikes: just a fad? (17:04)
  • Bike industry marketing lingo (20:22)
We talk with BLISTER senior bike editor, Noah Bodman, about Guerrilla Gravity’s modular designs; the emerging category of ‘Downcountry’ Bikes; whether ‘mullet bikes’ are just a fad; and whether the lingo used to market and sell bikes is in need of a refresh.
Noah Bodman and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss Guerrilla Gravity's unique single-frame concept; Mullet bikes; Downcountry Bikes; and more on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast
Noah Bodman on the Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol. (photo by Marc O'Brien)

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