New Skis & Outerwear (Ep.33)

We’ve been spending time on a lot of very interesting new products, so I sat down with Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa to discuss what’s good, bad, or just plain surprising about the latest skis and outerwear we’ve been reviewing.

Blister discusses the Black Crows Corvus, Parlor Cardinal 90, Rossignol Black Ops 118, Flylow Baker Bib, and Patagonia Micro Puff Storm on the GEAR:30 Podcast
Luke Koppa on the Black Crows Corvus, Crested Butte, CO.


  • Rossignol Black Ops (1:40)
  • Black Crows Corvus (6:35)
  • Parlor Cardinal 90 (13:41)
  • Argent Badger (18:51)
  • Flylow Baker Bib (plus bibs vs. non-bibs) (21:33)
  • Patagonia Micropuff Storm (25:03)

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1 comment on “New Skis & Outerwear (Ep.33)”

  1. It would be interesting to know how the new Corvus compares to the old Corvus or the Corvus Freebird. I find the Corvus FB to have surprisingly good edge hold and wonder if the removal of camber reduces that significantly.

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