Olympian Dotsie Bausch on Cycling, Switch4Good, & the Dairy Industry (Ep. 135)


  • Dotsie’s athletic background (1:44)
  • When did you start cycling? (7:55)
  • Mental toughness vs. natural ability (12:50)
  • Getting into Track Cycling & Team Pursuit (16:07)
  • 2012 Olympics (19:19
  • Mountain biking (22:29)
  • What is Switch4Good? (24:18)
  • Why focus on dairy? (38:04)
  • Where to follow Switch4Good (1:00:50)

Dotsie Bausch is a 7-time USA Cycling National Champion, an Olympic medalist, a featured athlete in the film, The Game Changers, and the executive director of Switch4Good. So on this week’s #BlisterPodcast, we talk to Dotsie about her very unusual path to an Olympic podium; her work at Swith4Good; and what we ought to understand about dairy products and the dairy industry.

Olympian Dotsie Bausch on Cycling, Switch4Good, & the Dairy Industry (Ep. 135), BLISTER
Dotsie Bausch

2 comments on “Olympian Dotsie Bausch on Cycling, Switch4Good, & the Dairy Industry (Ep. 135)”

  1. That was great. I totally agree with her with respect to avoiding conventional meat and dairy, especially in the USA. Her comment on Keto diets and arteries etc is misguided though. People who consume healthy high saturated fats such as from grass fed organic cows or coconut butter etc, are not heart attack candidates. Thats a myth up there with the dairy propaganda she discusses.

  2. +1: that was great.

    I believe humans and the planet would be much better off without the meat industry (and Harleys but I won’t digress too far). If everyone had to slaughter their own meat, the vast majority wouldn’t eat it. But like car exhaust: you don’t see what’s going on so all is good.

    That was a great listen and an amazing story. And crap, I was a track cyclist all along and never knew it: I can kill it for 3-4 min intervals hard in the drops. At all other aspects of road cycling I’m above average until up against riders that are truly good at climbing or sprinting or distance.

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