PeopleForBikes President & CEO, Jenn Dice (Ep.50)

PeopleForBikes President & CEO, Jenn Dice goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss what PeopleForBikes does, what it's like lobbying for bike legislature, working with the new Biden administration, and more
Jenn Dice

PeopleForBikes is one of the most important organizations in the bike world that you might not be too familiar with. So we caught up with Jenn Dice to talk about what the organization is up to; working with a new administration; and what each of us can do to get involved.


  • What is PeopleForBikes (2:50)
  • Lobbying for bike legislature (6:16)
  • Obstacles & challenges (14:14)
  • Current progress (17:55)
  • Working with the new Biden administration (23:57)
  • E-bikes (27:17)
  • How you can get involved (34:34)


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