Rachael Burks on Skiing & Shakespeare & Sweatpants & More (Ep.107)


  • Oxford, Shakespeare, & Dirty Sandwiches (2:53)
  • Breaking into the ski industry (9:30)
  • Learning to backflip with Julian Carr (17:10)
  • Competing on rental skis (19:56)
  • Rachael’s best ski season ever (23:42)
  • GREENland Expedition (26:52)
  • Fantasy & Star Wars & Sparkles (32:10)
  • Why Rachael loves Red Bull Rampage (44:10)
  • More books & music (49:32)

Fact: we all need to strive to be more like Rachael Burks.

Rachael is a big mountain skier known for skiing burly lines and her signature backflip, but she is also known for her boundless enthusiasm — and in this conversation, that enthusiasm is on full display. Rachael and I pack a whole lot into this conversation, including our love of Shakespeare; her spot-on impression of Julian Carr; podiuming in a comp on rental skis; her best ski season ever; and her abiding loves of sweatpants, Star Wars, fantasy novels, Red Bull Rampage, and more.

Rachael Burks goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss her ski career, her time studying at Oxford, Shakespeare, Star Wars, Julian Carr teaching her to backflip, and more.
Rachael Burks airing out her signature backflip. (photo by Mike McPhee)

5 comments on “Rachael Burks on Skiing & Shakespeare & Sweatpants & More (Ep.107)”

  1. Which specific sweatpants from Peak Performance was Rachael referring to? I’m thinking they’d make a nice Christmas gift for someone I know who also loves sweatpants :)

  2. This interview was fabulous! In general, I’m drawn to your reviews because it’s not all about “slashin’ the pow” or “rad dude” every second sentence. Your intellect and depth bring wonderful colour to Blister! Keep it up!

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