Reviewer Reports: Backcountry Ski Touring Gear (Ep.176)

On GEAR:30, we discuss some of the backcountry gear that Paul’s been testing in Alaska, including Moonlight and Movement skis; Moment and Dynafit bindings; G3 and Pomoca skins; and Scarpa boots. We also discuss current trends (fads?) in ski poles, and the underrated value of a good snow saw.
Paul Forward on the Moonlight Cruiser

We discuss some of the backcountry gear that Paul Forward has been testing around Girdwood, Alaska, including skis from Moonlight and Movement; bindings from Moment and Dynafit; skins from G3 and Pomoca; and Scarpa boots. We also discuss current trends (fads?) in ski poles, and the underrated value of a good snow saw.


  • Deep Pow & Fast Groomers
  • SKIS:
  • Moonlight Cruiser (6:15)
  • Movement Alp Tracks 106 (12:26)
  • Moment Voyager XIV (13:40)
  • Dynafit Superlite 150 (20:12)
  • G3 Minimist vs Pomoca (29:54)
  • Ski Poles: Trends & Fads? (35:14)
  • Snow Saws (47:34)
  • BOOTS:
  • Scarpa F1LT & Alien RS (50:53)
  • What We’re Celebrating (58:26)


9 comments on “Reviewer Reports: Backcountry Ski Touring Gear (Ep.176)”

  1. FYI, G3 seems to be working on a new glue formulation. All Minimist skins received at our shop this season have been returned to G3 due to the glue coming off in patches. I ran the G3 Minimist Glide all last season and I’ve actually had great success with G3 glue until these. I’m rooting for G3 to figure out their glue because functionally I do really like the Minimist (except for the minimal tail strap, adjusting for length is a pain in the …).

    Just cut down a set of Pomoca Pro S-Glide so looking forward to compare the two. Was going to do the Free 2.0 but have been starting to hear negative reports from peeps that run in the same circles as the famous Free 2.0 skiers that have made it so popular currently.

    Johnathan, you can get Scott powder baskets without the metal ferrule, hammer that little race basket off your Scott Team Issue with vice grips, slam the new baskets on. But FTW, non adjustable Black Crows Tour grip, take a heat gun to push the grip down, Scott pistol grip on top.

  2. Can we get a skin tail clip shootout? It seems like the most annoying part of the skins and is rarely mentioned. I’ve seen too many broken or non functional ones to count. Not entirely serious but it would be cool.

  3. Haven’t used them yet but I just got the long grip Black Crows poles, went with them for for a few reasons. I have giant hands and find traditionally shaped grips uncomfortable, my ideal pole length is just under 130cm so being able to move my hand position down a cm is very nice, and my favorite in-bounds hike has me using the poles while holding them half way down so the long grip is a big plus

  4. I’ve been using the Pomoca free 2.0 on mt Ravens. Maybe 50 days so far on 4fbt Ravens. Not overly impressed tbh. Not all bad as I like the glide and light weight. But the grip is lacking, compared to my previous BD Mohairs.

    The issues I have are the snow build up under the skin, especially the tips. But the biggest complaint is the skin seems to be porous. So when I take my skins off, there are icy bubbles left all over skis. So I can’t transition without taking skis off as I need to scrape off ice. This obviously has a big impact on transition time. So overall I’m not impressed but I like and paid for the tourlock system so I’m kinda stuck with the skins.

  5. Very interested in a review of the Moonlight Cruiser(s)! Looking for a light powder lapping ski to pair with 1000g boots and that seems to fit the bill quite well.

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