Reviewer Reports: Longer-Travel Enduro Bikes (Ep.59)

David Golay goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss a few long-travel Enduro bikes, including the 2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude, 2021 Santa Cruz Nomad, Privateer 161, Marin Alpine Trail, and more
David Golay on the Rocky Mountain Altitude.

Blister bike editor, David Golay, is back on the show to talk about 4 longer-travel enduro bikes from Privateer, Santa Cruz, Rocky Mountain, & Marin that he’s been spending time on in the PNW.


  • Privateer 161 Update (1:10)
  • Rocky Mountain Altitude (3:25)
  • Marin Alpine Trail (8:01)
  • Santa Cruz Nomad (13:53)
  • Bikes & Ice Cream (19:01)


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