Reviewer Reports: Touring Setups, Resort Skis, & Jelly Bean Bribery (Ep.197)

Today, in another edition of our Reviewer Reports series, we’ve got a wide-ranging conversation with Kristin Sinnott, Dylan Wood, Kara Williard, Drew Kelly, and myself, where we cover everything from the setups Drew used while touring for several weeks in Alaska this spring, to a whole bunch of skis that all of us have been using this spring — in both the backcountry and the resort. We also touch on some new outerwear, with an obligatory anorak inclusion since Jonathan was gone and he couldn’t yell at me for it, as well as an update from Kara on some heated socks, and even some unique gear and tricks Kristin’s been using to ski with her son.




8 comments on “Reviewer Reports: Touring Setups, Resort Skis, & Jelly Bean Bribery (Ep.197)”

  1. Speaking of the Salomon S/Lab MTN Summit, did anyone ever review it who is actually in the correct size boot? Your initial reviews were done wearing a size too large boot.

    • Ah, I forgot to mention that in the podcast — we did indeed get a size 26.5 for me and Jonathan to test (our normal size), and our reviewer Paul Forward has been skiing the 27.5 we first tested (his normal size).

      • So any updated thoughts on the fit in particular, now that you’re in the right size? Whats the weight of the 26.5? Thanks.

        • 1166 g per boot for the 26.5, so not a big difference vs. the 27.5.

          As for fit, the only notable difference I felt between the 26.5 and 27.5 was length — its toe box and midfoot still feel quite roomy for a 99mm-last boot, while its heel / ankle pocket has still done a good job of holding down my fairly low-volume ankle. Overall, I’m still really liking the fit for my feet. Despite the initital notes we got about it running short, I personally have no issues with the toe box feeling too short, which I have had in other boots (Fischer Transalp Pro & Scott Cosmos III)

  2. I’m celebrating summer FINALLY arriving here, AND my wife and I are about to become homeowners. Can’t wait to have my own garage to wax skis, work on bikes and dry gear in.

  3. Kristen, we very much appreciate you keeping all the raddads/moms in the loop on gear and sharing your experiences and tips. Please keep em coming!

  4. I used lenz heated socks this past season. The 6.0 worked well, but have already worn through in the heel area, and in one of the batteries, the light stopped working. In comparing lenz/therm-ic/hotronics, therm-ic seems a bit less expensive. It would be interesting to see a comparison of the three.

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