Reviewing the Reviewer: Drew Kelly (Ep.205)

Blister reviewer, Drew Kelly — the man with the best turn in Crested Butte — is in the hot seat today, and in this insanely wide-ranging conversation, we talk about choss monsters, cave trolls, geek beaks, Drew’s dating profile, birding, Sweet Nasty, the universe, gear preferences, and more.


  • Meet Drew Kelly (2:52)
  • Growing up in New England (4:38)
  • Music, Writing, & Film (12:52)
  • College (14:02)
  • Moving through mountains (17:56)
  • Birding & Dating Profiles (20:35)
  • Ski Gear Preferences (27:36)
  • Backcountry Touring Gear (36:00)
  • Duke PT vs. ATK Freeraider (39:52)
  • Packing for the backcountry – (42:37)
  • Choss Monstering (45:02)
  • Favorite Blister Reviewer? (53:25)
  • Favorite Skier & Favorite Runner (55:19)
  • Stupidest thing you’ve ever done? (1:00:26)
  • What are you better at than Sam Shaheen? (1:02:03)
  • Gear you’re most & least picky about? (1:03:44)
  • Favorite Books, Movies, & Music (1:08:25)
  • Random Review (1:21:16)
  • Best question I haven’t asked you? (1:24:09)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:29:39)



4 comments on “Reviewing the Reviewer: Drew Kelly (Ep.205)”

  1. Just listened to Brian Blade playing with Ron Miles and Bill Frisell and – although I haven’t seen Drew ski and only have your description – it seems like Drew is a, if not the, Brian Blade of skiing, which must be worth a couple of extra points!
    My own favourite living musician is probably the aforementioned Bill Frisell, and now I’m really wondering how his style of playing (“A rounded and slightly trebly tone framed by a halo of overtones, along with other sounds—fuzzy-edged or transparent, elongated or truncated, tender or piercing—trace fragments of melody. They form jagged lines, loops in gentle circles.”) relates to a style of skiing and whether I’m a –
    admittedly bad – Bill Frisell of skiing!

    • Wow, what a compliment—I could only hope to be worthy of it, but thank you!

      Bill Frisell! I love his playing too. Sounds like you’re a skier that can adapt, which is very valuable and enviable skill. Cheers!

  2. Since we’re on the thread and we already know you can ski the side country here at Snowbird if you were to get a business trip out here what I’d like to know is if you can do the Purdy shuffle.

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