Reviewing the Reviewer: Kristin Sinnott (Ep.106)


  • Kristin’s background (4:39)
  • What sports did you play growing up? (7:04)
  • Trajectory after college (17:11)
  • How did you first get connected with Blister? (21:48)
  • Why are you so picky about certain foods? (25:54)
  • What gear are you most & least picky about? (28:05)
  • Who is your favorite reviewer at Blister? (30:30)
  • Who is your favorite pro skier? (32:24)
  • What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? (35:03)
  • What are you better at than Sam Shaheen? (41:45)
  • Top 3 favorite books, movies, and musicians (43:38)
  • Give us a random review (46:33)
  • What’s the best question I haven’t asked you? (49:16)
  • What we’re celebrating (57:28)

In our “Reviewing the Reviewer” series, we ask various BLISTER reviewers questions about their backgrounds and gear preferences to give you a more complete picture of the people behind our reviews. And since we like to rank & review things around here, we also give a score to each of our reviewers’ answers, then come up with a cumulative review grade for each of them.

In the hot seat today is Kristin Sinnott, and I recently subjected Kristin to our regular gauntlet of Reviewing-the-Reviewer questions, which led to answers that involved Family Feud, killer bees, ski dance videos, her alpine-skiing and nordic-skiing background, and some of her gear preferences.

Reviewing the Reviewer: Kristin Sinnott (Ep.106), BLISTER
Kristin Sinnott skiing the Nordica Santa Ana 98, Crested Butte, Colorado.

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  1. Do we have the same rug? I love it but the wool fibers jam up the vacuum. I’m on the same page with you. Great random review!!

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