Skid Row Running Club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell (Ep. 136)


  • The judge’s running background (7:09)
  • The Midnight Mission & the running club (10:05)
  • What / where is Skid Row? (12:22)
  • Who are the club members? (15:58)
  • The club’s international marathons (17:26)
  • Stories of specific members (22:39)
  • Police & the duty to Protect & to Serve (31:59)
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing reform (37:32)
  • The importance of jury duty service (41:53)
  • Best ways to support the running club? (43:54)
  • Do you have a dream race for the club (46:33)

Whether or not you’re a runner, you ought to know about the Skid Row Running Club and the Skid Row Marathon. We talk to the club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell, about why he started the club; his background; the duty of police officers to protect and serve; the need for minimum sentencing reform; and much more.

Judge Craig Mitchell goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss the Skid Row Running Club
Judge Craig Mitchell (with the dog) & the Skid Row Running Club

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