Rickey Gates on Running across America (Ep.48)


  • Rickey’s new book, Cross Country (2:35)
  • How & how not to travel (6:00)
  • Bridging political divisions (10:00)
  • The kindness of strangers (14:52)
  • From XC racing to long-distance running (20:15)
  • The Every Single Street Project (31:05)
  • Media Bias, Partisanship, & Becoming More Divided (35:05)
  • Rickey’s group trips: Hut Run Hut & Bus Run Bus (47:09)
  • Rickey’s upcoming film: Transamericana (52:16)
  • Rickey’s current project: 50 Classic Trails (53:55)
  • Favorite Books, Music, & Movies? (57:33)

Rickey Gates is a professional runner, a writer, a photographer — and someone who has a whole lot going on. His new book, Cross Country, a 3700-Mile Run to Explore Unseen America, just came out, and it documents Rickey’s 2017 odyssey of running from South Carolina to San Francisco and the people and places he interacted with along the way. We also discuss his Every Single Street project, Hut Run Hut and Bus Run Bus group trips he organizes every year, the current project he’s working on called 50 Classic Trails, and that still doesn’t cover everything that Rickey is up to. Rickey is a very good runner, but an even more interesting person.

Rickey Gates joins Jonathan Ellsworth on Blister's Off the Couch Podcast to talk about "Cross Country, a 3700-Mile Run to Explore Unseen America"
Rickey Gates' new book, Cross Country: A 3,700 Mile Run to Explore Unseen America

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