Ryan Hall on His First Ultra; Performance & Weight; Proper Perspective; & More (Ep.66)

Ryan Hall is a two-time Olympian, holds the U.S. record in the half marathon, and is the only American to run a sub-2:05:00 marathon. But these days, Ryan has cut back quite a bit on his running, and is currently far more focused on lifting — and his transformation from a ~130 lb. worldclass runner to ~180 lb. bodybuilder is wild.

But that’s not the only wild thing Ryan’s got going on — he just completed his first ultramarathon, The North Face Grand Traverse here in Crested Butte — and he did it in the most ‘Off The Couch’ way possible.

So I sat down with Ryan in Blister HQ to talk about his first ultra; some of the incredible highs and some painful lows in his running career; weight and performance and his own struggles as a professional runner to find the right balance; finding proper perspective; and his current work as a running coach where others can benefit from what he’s learned over the years.

Check out runfreetraining.com to learn more about working with Ryan.


  • Welcome to Crested Butte! (3:31)
  • Running after retirement? (10:10)
  • Performing ‘off the couch’ (17:13)
  • Developing a proper perspective (23:54)
  • Coaching (26:47)
  • Weight & disordered eating (29:33)
  • Ryan’s podcast, book, & documentary (1:01:47)
  • On aging / getting older (1:06:08)
  • On setting goals & excellence (1:16:11)
Ryan Hall goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to discuss running his first ultramarathon, the Grand Traverse in Crested Butte, how he is now focused on weight lifting, how he views weight and running performance, and much more
Ryan Hall running the 2020 Grand Traverse in Crested Butte (photo by Chad Hall); Ryan running the Boston Marathon in 2014; and Ryan in Blister HQ after the Grand Traverse.

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  1. This was a great episode with an amazing athlete. Make a training plan but listen to your body. Avoid burnout. Eat healthy. This really hit home because I also went very low on weight for a while. Lighter just kept getting faster and it felt so good, but friends and relatives became worried about me losing so much weight and then I missed a few goals by just a bit and got really down on myself and just backed the fuck off. I am totally amateur it was not worth it. Thanks!

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